Blog Love


I’ve been reacquainting myself with some of my favourite music blogs over the past week. Sometimes, for better or worse, the lure of Spotify is too great and I get embroiled in an endless cycle of artist click-throughs (or even worse, sticking to my saved songs list), without appreciating some of the great music writing out there.

So I was sad to discover that Art Decade, a no-frills but wonderful blog specialising in obscure 70s gems, bit the dust earlier this year. It joins Chromewaves in the music journalism graveyard, having gone bust during 2013 after its writer fell out of love with long form writing in favour of 140 characters. A huge shame as it was one of the best places for finding tracks by new bands, as well as a free MP3 treasure trove.

Thankfully, a few blogs have not only survived but thrived, while a handful of others have stuck steadfast to their interesting little respective niches. In the latter category, Star Maker Machine remains one of the best curated music blogs, selecting songs that fit into themes like ‘Sisters’, ‘Darkness’ or ‘Musical Chameleons’. Like Art Decade, it lacks bells & whistles, but it’s completely authentic in its appreciation for music of all shades.

I’m also pleased to see that Aquarium Drunkard is going strong, and still posting awesome stuff like this 70s funk song.

On the more contemporary spectrum, Gorilla vs. Bear and Earmilk are good bets if you’re looking to find the freshest previews from new bands. Earmilk in particular is far slicker than previous incarnations (and hey they’re even recruiting if you have a big pot of money and can afford to sit at home listening to new albums all day). My ears don’t respond to electronica the way they did in 2008, however, so I’ll leave these sites to the kids.

Happy listening!

If you’re wondering, the photo shows a small sample of my Story of Pop magazine collection from 1973. More on that another time.

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