Cloths of Heaven

I was an August baby, born into the season of blue skies and picnics, dappled sunlight and the strains of ice cream vans broadcasting that familiar, fuzzy tune to the neighbourhood children like the Pied Pipers of frozen treats. It’s the time to air your toes and don a crisp cotton dress, if the usually tepid British summer permits.

It’s odd then that sartorially, at least, the colder months are much more my thing. Clement weather definitely brings out the better side of people’s moods, but it’s winter that invites sharp tailoring and weighty, luxurious fabrics.

I’m a bit of a coat hoarder and this year saw yet another winter warmer join my wardrobe. In 2015, it’s a wool coat from the 60s, pea green and shipped all the way from Houston, Texas (a state, I’ve been informed, that deliciously undervalues its vintage).


The feeling of slipping on a new coat over a toasty sweater, an A-line skirt and some cashmere tights is much more satisfying than anything summer has to offer, I reckon. And mercifully, there’s no need to worry about glow-in-the-dark legs or unmanicured toes.

While I’m certainly sorted for this winter, I couldn’t resist rooting through the web to see what other coat candy is on offer…


From WildWhisperShop on Etsy

A 60s vintage coat with mink collar. Pricey, but seriously cosy.


Via Ultravioletvintage on Etsy

Now this is more reasonably priced: a vibrant red, double breasted 60s coat. It’s a gorgeous colour, but beware green skirts or you’ll be mistaken for a Christmas tree.


Tara Starlet is always a strong contender in the vintage reproduction market. Their A/W15 collection is wonderfully 60s inspired, including a couple of snazzy plaid mini-skirts I have my eye on. This pink cocoon coat would look particularly elegant slipped over a pencil skirt.


Yeah, I know. Hush is where monied middle class women shop, purveyors of ‘safe’ monochrome clothing. It’s a little uncool, but when you check out their knitwear, outerwear and nightclothes, there’s actually a lot of top quality stuff.

Their Olivia coat comes in two shades of grey, including this charcoal colour, which means you can wear all manner of rainbow-hued clothing beneath it without clashing. It’s a smart option too.


Via dejavintageboutique on Etsy

What’s better than a coat? A cape. Especially a bright red one with a contrast trim mod collar.


From JLVintage on Etsy

Sometimes I like to imagine being a lady of leisure, taking black cabs to lunch appointments before doing a bit of light shopping in town. I love this cream 50s/60s vintage boucle wool coat, but I doubt in my ability to keep it looking pristine after the bus commute home. One for frequent visitors to the dry cleaners, but a real steal nonetheless at £27.

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