Digital Media consultancy


If this is the first page you’re clicking on, welcome to my site.

I’ve worked in the communications industry for nearly 10 years, beginning in traditional print & online media monitoring and progressing into the fast-moving world of social media.

At heart, I’m a research and strategy professional: driven to understand the whywhere and how of a proposition, and skilled at digging deep for interesting insights around a subject. But I also love coming up with ideas for how to move forward.

My areas of expertise:

  • Social analytics & strategy: Extensive experience of analysing & interpreting owned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram data. I’m a pro at mining that mysterious area at the back of Facebook and identifying actionable ways for brands to meet business objectives.
  • Content Strategy research: I’ve designed and managed big research projects that take a more thorough view of a client’s digital landscape, incorporating social listening, search analysis, competitor auditing and audience insight.
  • Writing: Need someone who can understand the data, but also explain it articulately? I have years of experience writing for the web, as well as formal journalism training (see the Writing page of this website for details). Plus, I can put together a decent corporate blog post.

Please get in touch for more information about how we can work together, or check out the Sample Work page (password on request) for examples.



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