About Me


Before we begin, take a look at my consultancy page.

Sound good? OK. Let’s shed some light on the person behind the buzzwords.

I’m an early thirty-something Londoner (a ‘Millennial’, if you must), born squarely into the era of Thatcherism and dodgy perms.

From a pretty early age, I loved art, reading and writing. I was that kid who actually read the Sunday papers after my parents. Even today, I can be identified by the trail of dog-eared, crinkly magazines that I’ve almost certainly read in the bath. The printed word will never die on my watch!

Fast forward 10ish years and I opted to study English Literature at university rather than go to art school, which had been the general plan for much of my teen years.

Three years of intensive academia (and ahem, drinking) in Devon and Virginia, USA on a year abroad helped cement my appreciation for narrative, and make me a hardened cinephile. Is there any greater bliss than losing yourself in the dark womb of a movie theatre?

After university, I knew I wanted to pursue a communication-related career. Initially, I was set on killing some darlings as an Editor at a publishing house, but the recession and the changing media landscape put a stop to that and led me down a career path that remains impossible to explain to my parents.

I’ve spent the last decade investigating what people say online and interpreting it to aid communications strategies. This is perfect as the two things I’m semi-addicted to are the internet and Carmex lip balm, and the latter has never struck me as a strong vocation.

From helping tourism bodies understand their Facebook analytics, delving into conversations by gamers to attract new players, and identifying the cheese recipes that send FMCG consumers into a foodgasm, it’s all in a 21st century day’s work.

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