About Siobhan


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Likes: vintage clothing, print magazines, espresso martinis, bookstores, Science fiction, my houseplants (when they’re not dying)

Dislikes: condensation, American cheese, Bitcoin bros, the diva Maidenhair fern in my kitchen (hope she never reads this…)

Edit (February 2020): RIP Maidenhair fern

I’m a thirty-something Londoner (a Millennial, if you must), born squarely into the era of Thatcherism and dodgy perms.

From an early age, I loved art, reading and writing. I was that kid who actually read the Sunday papers after my parents. Even today, I can be identified by the trail of dog-eared magazines piled up beside the bath.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m studying English Literature at university. Three years of books and boozing in Devon – and in the USA as an exchange student – helped cement my appreciation for narrative.

After university, I wanted to pursue a communication-related career. Initially set on killing some darlings in publishing, the changing media landscape instead led me down a career path that remains impossible to explain to my parents.

I’ve spent the last decade investigating what people say online and interpreting it to aid communications strategies. From humanising audience personas for an emerging fashion brand, delving into conversations by gamers to attract new players, and identifying cheese recipes that send FMCG consumers into a foodgasm, it’s all in a 21st century day’s work.

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