About Siobhan

Star Trek

Likes: vintage clothing, print magazines, espresso martinis, forests, Ireland, bookstores, falling down internet black holes, science fiction, Halloween, my houseplants (when they’re behaving)

Dislikes: condensation, that plastic cheese you get in burgers, clothes moths, inauthenticity

I’ve spent the last decade investigating what people think and say, and interpreting this for brands. However, research & strategy wasn’t what I envisaged working in back in my uni days: I majored in English Literature – which included an illuminating year in the US – and planned to kill some darlings in publishing or journalism, post-graduation.

It didn’t quite work out the way I planned (thanks, 2008 Recession). But it’s been an interesting journey nonetheless, and probably a more appropriate one for someone whose twin passions are vintage stuff and science fiction.