I’m a digital researcher, strategist and writer with a decade of experience in the communications industry.  Marrying data & creativity is my jam.



At heart, I’m a research and strategy professional: driven to understand the whywhere and how of a proposition, and skilled at digging deep for interesting insights around a subject. But I also love coming up with ideas for how to move forward.

My areas of expertise

  • Digital & Cultural research: I’ve designed and managed big research projects that take a more thorough view of a client’s digital landscape, whether based on brands, topics or audiences. This can incorporate social or search data, primary research or cultural insights, weaving these together to provide a comprehensive answer to your questions. Here’s a recent example on Fashion & Sustainability.
  • Research & Data-driven copy: Need someone who can understand the data, but also explain it articulately? I have years of experience writing for the web, and I can put together a compelling corporate blog post.
  • Social analytics & strategy: Extensive experience of analysing & interpreting owned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram data. I’m a pro at mining that mysterious area at the back of Facebook and identifying actionable ways for brands to meet business objectives.

Who I’ve worked with

I’ve worked in-house and freelance with brands from many different sectors, on projects big and small. You can find more details on my Linkedin.

Check out the Portfolio page (password on request) for project deliverable examples.